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The Beginning

Any story has to begin somewhere. MUSCP’s special story began with a Facebook wall post; one fine day in 2011, Couple of Manchester United fans from Pune, a city in the Western region of India – decided to get like-minded Manchester United supporters together. They posted calling out United fans in the city to help form what would later be known as MUSCP.

Pune is rich in culture and heritage. Known as the ‘Oxford of the East’ it has a huge student population with connects with each other through sports culture. With football being a popular sport, we knew that reaching out to Manchester United fans in the city won’t be difficult. The idea behind forming a group was simple, come together and organize ‘live screenings’ of the United games.

During the early years, the admins had to struggle to find a place which would show the games. Being a Tier-2 city (Non Metropolitan) the concept of screenings and fans club was still very new. But, through dedication and love for United, we kept on going! Soon enough, with the help of social media, we started getting popular and fans from all over the city wanted to see what exactly made MUSCP Screenings special.

MUSCP – Today and Tomorrow

We travelled all across the city from one venue to another to make sure the fans take home a memory every time they attend aMUSCP screening. From 10 to 200, MUSCP started gaining huge popularity with expats from UK finding us on Social media websites and joining us for screening.

We at MUSCP have a unique experience to give to our fans. Our screenings aren’t just a gathering of United supporters, it’s an overwhelming euphoria that the fan experiences. 90 minutes of watching the famous team in Red and White go for glory while fans from across the city come together to sing their praise, chants and remember the legends.

MUSCP now gets a steady attendance of 300+ people at our screenings and over 50 people play football every week. What started as a mere idea; has now become a huge community. We have seen strangers whose only connection was the love for Manchester United turn into best of friends.

One Love, One United!

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